Good day Bob

SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2,
        criteria2], )

=SUMIFS(A2:A9, C2:C9, "=A*", D2:D9, 1)

In the sum_range, instead of summing one column (ex: A2:A9), I would like to sum the multiplication of 2 columns.

To make myself clearer, lets take this example:
Let's say that only row 4 & 7 meet ALL my criterias
I therefore would like the SUMIFS (sum_range) to do this:
(A4*B4) + (A7*B7)

Tried but failed.

I understand that I can create a column having A*B and do the sum_range on this column but this creates another column and I would like to evaluate other possibilities...

Do you have an idea?

Thank you

Hi Daniel,

This is a perfect situation for using SUMPRODUCT which allows for what you are trying to do (plus many other tweaks that SUMIF/SUMIFS just can't handle).

The syntax would be


The expressions in the first two sets of brackets evaluate to an array of TRUE/FALSE values, which when multiplied together give an array of 1/0 (one means bothe conditions are met, o means one or both is not met). Each element of this composite array is then multiplied by each element of the numbers multiplied array, A2:A9*B2:B9, the 1 create an array element of An*bn, the 0 creates an array element of 0, so adding these up we get the correct result.  
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