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I Am using the advanced filtering function in Excel 2010. I am pulling the criteria in from another spot in the workbook. However, not all the criteria are used every time, sometimes they will be left blank based on the input elsewhere in the workbook.  I have linked the Criteria input to the cells which determine how I want to filter the data.  BUT when the cells are blank I get a “0” in the criteria (and I don’t want my filter criteria to be “0”).  I tried using an IF statement.  Let’s pretend A4 is the cell I am linking my criteria input to IF(A4=””,””,A4).   However, it seems as if the advanced filter function sees the “” as an input b/c it filters accordingly/differently than it does when I delete the formula and leave that criteria blank.  Is their another way I can pull the correct data into that cell, but actually leave it blank if the referencing cell is also blank.



I don't use the filter much so haven't had much experience with any issues.
Suggestion--sometimes excel looks at blanks differently so "" isn't really a total blank cell.  Thats prolly the reason that it is still being filtered or filtering differently try a different formula that won't use the "" and see if that will work.  this may not be a very good answer because of my experience with it, so I suggest you reask the question of another allexperts person.

Sorry I coudn't be of mor help.

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