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I have excel file that has multiple sheets.  I use it for tracking investments week over week.

One thing that I want to add is a week to week over under for various investments (e.g. - how much did the DOW change).

Simple example:
Sheet1:A1 = 100.00
Sheet2:A1 = 150.00
Sheet2:B2 = 'Sheet2'!A1-'Sheet1'!A1

This example I can do easily for any cells that I want to compare between sheets.  The problem is that I can not figure out a way to automate this so that the inter-sheet formulas automatically propagate to new sheets that I create (I create a new sheet every week as a copy of the prior weeks sheet).  I don't want to have to recreate the inter-sheet formulas manually each time I create a new sheet.

Thanks in advance.

you might be able to use the INDIRECT() function to "construct" cell references from pieces of text.  For instance this formula give you the value of A1 directly:


This formula does the same thing indirectly.  If on Sheet2 you had the text "Sheet1" in cell B2, then this would "construct" the reference above indirectly:

   =INDIRECT("'" & B2 & "'!A1")

So with this technique you can construct your INDIRECT() formulas on Sheet2 to reference Sheet1 using the text in a cell on that sheet to indicate the name of the prior sheet to use.  When you make a new sheet, you'd need only update that one cell for all the formulas to change to reference that sheet instead.
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