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Some years back, you helped me immensely with VBA code to automate the daily transfer of some reporting information from various columns in a master "timeline" tab, to two adjacent "form" master templates that I could print & file daily.  I've not used that macro for a long time, but now will use it regularly.  To adapt, I needed to tweak things a little to add detail to and make some other improvements in reporting methods.

Getting to the nub of this, your typical data-transfer code is represented by this line:
sh.Range("C43") = shMaster.Cells(r.Row, "H") 'fill C43 in template with text from Col H from that day's entry

That still works fine for most data.

But now, instead of transferring the data from daily-changing column H for a given date to C43 in sh.Range, there are some cases where I want to transfer from, say, cell C2 (and never increment).  What's that syntax?

I apologize for even having to ask, but I simply couldn't seem to Google my way into a solution for this.




sh.Range("C43") = shMaster.Cells(r.Row, "H")

to always grab from C2 would be

sh.Range("C43").Value = shMaster.Range("C2").Value
This should be outside of any loops since it only needs to be done once.

If that isn't what you are asking, perhaps you could provide a bit more detail.

Tom Ogilvy  
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