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Hi Nathan,

Hope all is well.  I can really use your help with a MS Excel problem, Iím trying to figure out, but cannot.

Iím running MS Excel 2007 in an attempt to use multiple formulas using CountIf and SumIf (Case-Sensitive) to find matching NAME must be Case-Sensitive and Count the Sum of the dollar Amount.

I have a spreadsheet that contains the person's Name and Amount paid information; the issue that I'm having and would like to resolve is that I have multiple Names with very similar spelling but different letter cases, including I have the amount paid.

I would like to be able to have Excel find each Name (case-sensitive) and add the total matching dollar amount paid.  I've enclosed a sample below, please email me directly at .

        Col. A    Col. B
Row 1:   Name      Amount  (Field Name)
Row 2:   jSmith     $252
Row 3:   jsmith     $425
Row 4:   JSmith     $652
Row 5:   jSmith     $252
Row 6:   jSmith     $252
Row 7:   jsmith     $425
Row 8:   JSMITH     $655

The output in written format is what I would like to achieve in MS Excel using a function Formulas.

jSmith  $756  (Name { jSmith } Count = 3, Amount {$252} = $756
jsmith  $850  (Name { jsmith } Count = 2, Amount {$425} = $850
JSmith  $652  (Name { JSmith } Count = 1, Amount {$652} = $652
JSMITH  $655  (Name { JSMITH } Count = 1, Amount {$655} = $655

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You will not be able to use COUNTIF or SUMIF because those functions are not case sensitive (as you already figured out).  The following formula is an array function that will calculate the dollar amount.  Please note array functions must be confirmed with CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER instead of just ENTER:


Here is a count:


I have uploaded a sample spreadsheet here with all of the formulas including your text labels:

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