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i am trying to write a script that would drag down the formula in a table based on the number of entries in another worksheet column.

I have a table in table in A9:T:23 (row 9 us headers) on the worksheet "Report".  It is pulling data from another tab "S401 Tickets".  S401 tab is an ever growing database.  As additional data gets added to it, I want the user to be able to run a macro that will drag the formula in A10 of the table the total distance to grab all the data in column A of the "S401 Tickets" tab.

For example, currently the table on the "report" tab runs to row 23.  If 10 more rows of data get added to "S401 Tickets" I would like the Macro to pull the data down in column A of table to row 33.

Maybe this:

Option Explicit

Sub ExpandTable()
Dim LR As Long

LR = Sheets("S401 Tickets").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

With Sheets("Report")
   .Range("A10:D10").AutoFill Destination:=.Range("A10:D" & LR + 10), Type:=xlFillDefault
End With

End Sub

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