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Dear all.
We work in a company who distributes books monthly to bookstores
we have an excel sheet containing our customers name and their corresponding codes.(see image 1)

and each month,we receive an excel report with the sales of these bookstores(Sales VS Customer codes “NOT THEIR NAMES”).(see image 2)

I want to convert these 2 sheets into one sheet containing the customers names(NOT THEIR CODES) Vs their sales directly.

How can I do that

This can be done, most easily with the VLOOKUP function.  Please refer to this website on how to use VLOOKUP.  


For your situation, you would type this formula into cell C2 of your spreadsheet in image #1:


Of course, you will need the replace the "image2!" with the actual file name and/or tab name of your second spreadsheet (I cannot populate that information because you didn't provide it).  The easiest way is to simply select that range while typing the formula.
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