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Hello Andrea,

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I am working in a card manufacturing company as IT person ,in smartcards personalisation. We do fulfillment of cards for medical cards using mailing system.
Now I have a details of Mailer Database, It includes all the family members name in one column (Say Column A) and the family main member name in one column (Say Column B). If the family have 6 members, the family main member name will be repeat for 6 times in the column (in column B). The client says that every mailer can have 4 cards and the remaining 2 should be stick in the next mailer. In my case the mailer will be printed for everyone from the same family according to my database, I need to print only two mailer as of the example i told u in the above. That is the first mailer should have contain 4 cards  and the next mailer should have 2 cards. I need to arrange the database in this way. Is there any way to do the excel sheet to repeat the main member after every 4 occurrences with the data in the column A. Please help me in this. Because every time i prints all the mailers for everyone in one family. Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications

Raja -

I am confused about what you are trying to accomplish. On the face, it sounds like you are entering data into Excel by hand; in which case you could repeat the family name my hovering over the fill pointer (move your mouse over the lower right hand side of a cell and your mouse pointer changes to a cross - hold down your left mouse button and drag down, and you will copy what is in that cell to the cells below).

On the other hand, you may be using the spreadsheet in another way -- I can't tell. If the above does not solve your problem, please tell me how you are entering data into the spreadsheet.

Thank you - Andrea
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