I have written a very simple vlookup formula but it won't pick up the information from the source.  I have tried various permutations but to no avail.  The formula is:=VLOOKUP(I3,$A$343:$B$348,2,FALSE)

Would you mind if I sent the workbook to you for your thoughts?  

Chris Mitchell

ANSWER: Christopher,

try doing this


did it at least return 1.

If it did, then are you searching for a number.  

the number 123 <> the string "123"  

countif is more forgiving in that respect so if it returned 1 and the vlookup still isn't working then you have to see how the data is stored (of course if they are both strings, then that isn't a consideration).

If countif failed and you visually think there is a match, then check the len of the fields that should match


if they are not the same length but look the same, then one could have a space at the beginning or end as an example.

So your vlookup looks correct.  It appears to be a data problem.   (I am sure you realize you are only looking at 6 rows - I assume that is scaled down to do a test.

Also note that the values you show are on the same sheet.  

If you can't figure it out, then I can take a look.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


=countif(a343:A348,i3) returns "0"

LEN(i3) returns "38" when i3 contains the text "Speech, Language or Communication Need"

LEN(A344) returns 3 when a344 contains the same text.

I am completely baffled.  I will send the workbook to you, if you don't mind.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Mitchell


Cell A344 had a formula in it that was causing a circular reference error.  The first match function was using  Match(A344,...

A formula can't refer to itself.  I put in a hard coded value in A344 and things started working.

I will send back the file.

Tom Ogilvy

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