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Columns A-E
Columns A-E  

I have to use spreadsheets at my job in order to perform efficient data entry. So, I am looking for a specific formula to help me with this.

Given the following information shown in the spreadsheet cells (Please see attachment for image)

What is the formula to CONCATENATE the information from columns A-E into one cell, BUT, at the same time make it so that the time stamp and date will appear as M/DD/YYYY and h:mm [AM or PM]?

The issue I am having is that the spreadsheet’s information is using some weird formula for the date/time in Columns D and E that gets translated as 0.541666667 or some other similar numerical garble whenever I try to CONCATENATE columns A-E.



If you concatenate a text value with a date value, Excel will convert the date to a numeric value. You can use the YEAR, MONTH, DATE, etc. functions to get around this. For example, if you have "Joe" in A1 and "1/10/2014" in B1...

=A1&" "&MONTH(B1)&"/"&YEAR(B1)

This will give you:

Joe 1/2014

Make sense?

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