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There are a number of tasks I that I cannot find answers for, to do with using Excel charts, and spreadsheets. I have three questions, so far.

I'm looking at the results I have from a soil analysis, with about 20 samples taken at increasing depths, down from the surface, from each of three different soils. I made a graph of percentage change in the soil composition, each analysis from a 1 cm sample, but take in just each 2 centimeters with a 1 cm gap between. My starting point is a table with the depths in the left column, and three further columns for results from the three different soils, to its right.

1)  The standard graph gives a fluctuating line to the right, for each of the three soils, showing its changing percentage with increasing depth. While this is the the right line,I need to change the orientation - I want a graph with the percent increasing to the right and the fluctuating line descending, so the surface results are at the top and going down the page is at increasing depth. However, when I click on the 'switch row/column' icon, I got a graph with  20 short lines going left-to-right, each being the percentage at one level, across the three different soils. How do I transpose the first graph to the desired orientation, instead?

2) As the central position of each sample is at position 0.5, I want the axis to state "0.5, 2.5, 4.5," and so on. While I have these down the left of my table, the automatic line chart on Excel will only state a position number - i.e. 1, 2, 3, or 1, 3, 5 if there is less space. I can 'manually' achieve this by removing all axis labels, then inserting a long thin text box, and typing each label in and fiddling around to get the positions roughly correct. But this seems not only crude, but is very time-consuming. Is there a better way of doing it?

3) I would also like to reverse a vertical column of numbers, so top to bottom becomes bottom to top. 'Paste special' will transpose top-down to left-to-right, only, and the data/sort tab will not simplyreverse the column, but only order it either way up, by size.

Thanks for this help.


1 - what version of Excel
2 - pls send a sample of some data to me at bobumlas@hotmail.com, use subject of "AllExpertsQ"
3 - if possible, DRAW (using shapes) what you'd sort of like to see onto the worksheet so I have a better idea of what you're looking for.
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