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Hi, I get work programmes sent every two weeks. Most of the schedule doesn't change, but sometimes jobs are removed or added.

I'd like to know how to compare two work books so as same jobs are highlighted and anomalies are also highlighted.

There are columns in each work book which contain key information in terms of the jobs, but I'd also need them to tie-in to the column with the dates.

Hi Tom,

You can use a combination of the IF and Vlookup functions to achieve this.

File 1
 c        d          
1 Name     Wages
2 Namea2   2000
3 Namea3   1000
4 Namea4   3000

File 2
   c      d
1 Name     Wages
2 Namea2   
3 Namea3
4 Namea4

Suppose you want to find in File 2 , the missing names from File 1, you can use the following formulae in E11 and F11. I have attached the screen shot showing the results.

F11=IF(E12="Yes",VLOOKUP(C12,C4:D6,2,FALSE),"No applicable")

You can build up on this solution based on your exact requirements.


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