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Hi Jan

I have a large data sheet with collection information, inc post codes, Address name, charges etc. What im trying to do is use the post codes to look up any previous collections and display the max and min charges paid previously and repairer name in a seperate cell and reference number/s.

Because some of the post codes appear multiple times the details with each collection will differ which present problems with pulling the reference number and charges.

So far i have

Cell C4=Post code input cell

=LOOKUP(C4,'[Storage Achieve.xlsx]UK885XLM (4)'!$A:$A,'[Storage Achieve.xlsx]UK885XLM (4)'!$W:$W)
(For repairer name)

=LOOKUP(C4,'[Storage Achieve.xlsx]UK885XLM (4)'!$A:$A,'[Storage Achieve.xlsx]UK885XLM (4)'!$AA:$AA)
(For charges)

One issue im having with this is it will find the closest post code to the one typed and display that info and won't display the max min charges or reference numbers attached to the post code.

I hope that makes sense

Any help on this will be fantastic and much appreciated

Kind Regards

Hi Ben,

LOOKUP finds the first closest match indeed. If you need an exact match, VLOOKUP is better because it has an argument which you can set to tell it to only return exact matches.

Neither of these return multiple matches.

I would suggest either using filtering or perhaps a pivot table in which you can use filters to pull the results you need.
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