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QUESTION: I am finding it difficult to pass the value of a declared variable from on sub to another.  how is this done?  ie
sub Setmode()

Dim Mode as String

Mode = "t"

End Sub

Sub UseSetmode()


End Sub.

ANSWER: You use what is called arguments:

sub Setmode()
   Dim Mode as String
   Mode = "t"
   UseSetmode Mode
End Sub

Sub UseSetmode(Mode As String)
End Sub.

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Thank you for this, however it did not work in the context that I am working in where the value is needed in a sub quite far removed from the original procedure.  How does one declare variables, at the start of the program, that can be accessed/used by any sub at anytime of the program?  Sorry I am new to VBA and programming.

You can declare a variable at the top of a module:

Private msModuleVariable As String

If declared this way (above all subs/functions) then this variable is visible to all subs and functions inside that module. It stays "alive" for as long as your project is loaded in Excel (though certain conditions, such as pressing End do zap the content!)

You can also use (only in a normal module!):

Public gsPublicVariable As String

This variable will be visible to the entire VBA project.

Note that generally speaking using module-level or public variables is frowned upon by professional developers. It makes your code less "portable".
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