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I have a master data in spreadsheet wherein saving accounts numbers  and names of the employees to whom this account belong are mentioned. The account number is alpha numeric eg :1003L0010004431. I have another spreadsheet which contains the same account numbers as contained in the earlier spreadsheet and it contains the data about amount paid to those account holders.I want to use vlookup function to compile the data of amount paid to each account holder in sheet number 1. The problem is I am not able to apply the vlookup function it is showing error #NA

vishal merharwade,

#N/A means the value being looked up is not found in the other sheet.

If you think it should be there and it sounds like it should, then there is a possibility that the values are slightly different.  You may be looking up
in in the other sheet it is stored as
"1003L0010004431 "  

with a space on the end or perhaps a space at the beginning.  This is one of the most common errors especially if you are copying the data in one of the sheet from another application.  

Other problems can be because one value is stored as Text and the other is stored as number.  This is unlikely in your case because you said the values are alphanumeric (I assume all account numbers have at least one letter in them).  

I assume you know that the lookup range in the other sheet must have the account number (the value being looked up) on the left side of the range - the range must start with the account number (look up value) column for vlookup to work.

These are the things that are most common.  If you can't get it to work, if you send me the workbook with the two sheets I can take a look at it and try to diagnose the problem.  You would send it to

Tom Ogilvy

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