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I have a list of questions and answers I would like to set up as a pull-down menu format.

What make of vehicle?
1)GM What model?
  a. Corvette
      i.What colour
   a. Escape
   b. Explorer

   a. Camry
   b. Avalon

How do I set up Excel so I can ask question #1) What make of vehicle? Then the options on the pull-down menu would be GM, Ford, Toyota.  After selecting GM, then the next question that will ask me is what model?  List of answers on pull-down menu would be Corvette, Malibu, and Enclave, and so on.

How would I set this up in Excel?



ANSWER: Michael,

This isn't a question that a few sentences would answer.  So let me refer you to a web page that gives detailed instructions.  This is Debra Dalgleish's site:
she also has an alternative approach on this page

You could also do a general google search such as this:

and get a variety of explanations.  Some would be macro dependent and some, like Debra that offer non-macro solutions.

As I said, this isn't something that requires a short explanation, so I think referring you to a detailed explanation/solution that has been successfully employed my many many people is the best answer for you.   

If you have problems,  you can send me a sample workbook and a complete explanation of what you want and I will take a look.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Tom.  I did see that link.  I noticed these examples use single word or two word.  What if my questions are 10-15 words long. I don't this would work.

I'm thinking of using IF statements with combination of validation data but it's a bit of a pain to do.



ANSWER: Michael,

as you appear to be aware, a named range can not have spaces in it - thus your concern about a two word choice as an example.  The way I do that is

Choice   Big Dog
In Cell A1
Named range for Big Dog:  Big_Dog

=Indirect(Substitute(A1," ","_"))

so  Substitute(A1," ","_")  turns Big Dog into Big_Dog and then feeds it to Indirect.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Tom.

If I have a few cells that have pull-down menus created (i.e. using validation for list), is there a way to clear all these cells to to blank cells automatically by creating a shortcut rather than having to go into each cell and pressing Delete.




you would need to create a macro such as

Sub ClearCells()
End Sub

and assign that a shortcut key combination.  This code should be placed in a general module.

and alternate approach (more manual in nature) would be to create a named range

Name:  Dropdowns
Refersto:  =Data!$A$1,Data!$B$9,Data!$C$11,Data!$A$6

Then whenever you want to clear the dropdowns, you would select that name from the name box and all those cells would be select.  You could then clear the cells all at once.

Tom Ogilvy

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