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Dear Tom,

I extracted my finance reports directly from our Oracle system, but always it gives me a .txt file as output.

To apply some analysis on all extracted reports, it will require to copy from .txt to excel, but data in excel shown in first cells always (column A as per attached).

Is there any way to apply an formula, take each info to a separate column that I can apply the analysis easier and faster?
means, in my attached example.. column A, it should show Customer name,   column B, it should show Outstanding amount, column C, it should show Current, column D, it should show More than 30 days outstanding....etc.

Thanks & Regards


YOu didn't provide any picture (which is all you can attach) of your data but In general, if you open a text file (file with a .txt extension) in excel, the text import wizard will open up and all you to choose whether you data is in a fixed column format (the first 7 characters are in column 1, the second five characters are in column 2 and so forth) or if they are delimited (each entry has a comma on the end so Customer name, Outstanding amount, Current, and so forth).

if you choose the proper format of your text file and then click the next button, it will give you a preview of how it will separate your data.  If you are in fixed column format, you can drag the lines around or add or delete lines (column delimiters) until you get the layout you want.  You then click next and you can handle any formatting issues that are unique to a column such as date order.  Then you click OK and the file should be brought in near to the way you want it.

If you do open it an everything is in column A, you can do the same thing by selecting column A, then go to the data tab and select text to columns.  This will lead you through the same choices.

If you wanted formulas instead, you can probably do that using the MID worksheet function.  If you have variable width columns, then you would need other functions as well.  But since I can't see you file, I can't really suggest anything more than what I have told you.

Tom Ogilvy  
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