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Excel/Send e-mail based on a cell value with a customized body


QUESTION: Hi marcrodos,

Good Day to you.

I have excel 2007.

I want to send an e-mail from Excel as per the following conditions:

- E-mail subject & body texts will be variables based on cells B2, 3 values.

- To & CC fields will be filled with the values in cells C2&3.

- E-mail body will contain on 4 variable fields in addition to the text (Name, Date, Position, Rating), based on the cells values respectively E3, 4, 5, 6.

- The e-mail will be sent from the active sheet.

I'm attaching you an image to explain the requirements.

Sorry for my long e-mail.

ANSWER: Hey look at this ejemlo that you prepared, try to adapt and comets me


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QUESTION: Thanks a lot marcrodos for your reply.

But actually I can't understand the thread language :(

Is is Italian or Spanish.

hola, la programación está en ingles, la explicación en castellano, pero pon el traductor de google para que traduzca a tu idioma.
Hello, please upload the file from
I check the file and give it back with the solution

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