Mr. Roberts,
I've searched high and low for someone to answer a question regarding VLOOKUP. You are the only person I have found that understands the VLOOKUP.


I have 5 employees, and I want to make a spreadsheet that remembers each employees hourly wage. So when I enter their name and hours worked it will multiply that by their hourly wage.I also want the hourly wage hidden. I'm not the smartest person but I really want to understand excel and the formulas. I thought about using a macro but don't know if that will work. Please help if you have time. I thank you for your time.


Here is your formula--

Assume that column A from cell A2 thru A6 contains your employree names.

Assume Cells B2 thru B6 contain the employees hours.

Assume that in cells I2 thru I6 you also have the emoloyee names and in cells J2 thru J6 you have the employee hourly rate.

Here is your formula in Cell C2.


 As you can see the formula looks up the value in A2 which is the first empoloyees name. It looks the name up in the range of cells I2 thru J6.  If it finds the employees name it returns the value next to his name in cell J2 this is the second column of the range.  It then multiplies the value returned from the vlookup formula by the value in cell B2, (the employees hours).

You can copy the formula down the rest of the cells C3 thru C6 and you will get the correct formula in those cells.

To work correctly it is best if you have the range you are looking in be sorted alphabetically by name, otherwise wrong values may be returned.

Try it out, it should work fine for you.

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