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Excel/Enabling data entry into cell based on Value


Dear Expert,


My requirement is very basic.

In Column A , I am asking User to Enter Two Values (Drop Down list) : Yes/No.

If User selects Yes in Column A , say cell A2 , he can enter values in B2 and C2 but if he selects No , cells B2 and C2 remains locked.

Can it be done with some data validation rules , without any coding kind of thing.

Please guide.

Please guide how this conditional values based data restriction can be done.


You cannot accomplish a truck "lock" of cells in the manner you requested unless you use visual basic programming.  Here are some links supporting my response:

You could simulate a "lock" by using conditional formatting to color the cell text and background gray.  This would make the data inside the cells invisible, but you could still type into them.

Alternatively, the code for creating a true "lock" is not terribly complex.


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