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Dear Sir,

Using Excel for MAC 2011 V14. Level 3?

I would like to calculate how many years and months a certain amount of money will last given the following:

$100,000 at 1.5%per annum, no monthly deposits, and $3000 per month withdrawn.

It would be handy to have 3 cells to enter these amounts so that they may be changed to different values, and one cell returning the time period calculated.

Thank you,

Dennis Smith

Hi Dennis,

It would take 35 months, but there would only be $206.76 left to withdraw on the 35th month.

Let's assume you place

$100,000     in cell A1

0.015        in cell B1  (this is 1.5% and you can simply format this cell as %)

=B1/12       in cell B2  (this is the interest rate per month)

$3000        in cell E1

Then the formula for calculating the number of months before a zero balance is reached is:


This yields 34.1 in the case you gave.  The decimal part indicates that you cannot withdraw a full $3000 in the final (35th) month.

Keep Excelling.

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