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Excel/excel gpu cuda performance


can a gpu or cuda be used to speed up excel 2013?


I have to admit this is outside my area of expertise with Excel. I'm more of a formula and spreadsheet creation guru instead of a hardware and video expert; however, I'll insert my two cents...

I do know that Excel does use graphics acceleration because there is an option to disable it in the menu.  It is available at file->options->advanced->display->disable graphics acceleration.

Based on that I can only assume having a more powerful graphics processor would improve the display performance of Excel; however, based on my experience, I would expect this improvement to be negligible and probably not even noticeable to the naked eye.  Most of Excel's slow-down will occur with formula intensive spreadsheets (such as using a large number of VLOOKUPS on a column with >100K records).  This is a direct drain on the CPU and system memory of a computer and I know from experience having a faster CPU and faster memory directly impacts the performance of Excel in this aspect (and it is noticeable to the naked eye).  

On that note, having more memory (greater than 2GB) only helps you if you are running the 64-bit version of Excel... and having more than 2GB of memory will help with error messages as a result of working with larger spreadsheets (spreadsheets greater than 100MB in size with hundreds of thousands of formulas inside - I've done some testing on that side and I always recommend the 64bit version of Excel with 4GB of ram for people in this situation).

Thus, in conclusion, I think Excel performance is more closely tied to the CPU and internal memory.  I really don't think a GPU or CUDA is going to cause a noticeable difference; however, it will probably help some (but I don't have any benchmarks to back up my hypothesis).

I hope this helps somewhat.
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