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In my Excel workbook, 14 columns are there C to P with range C1:P200 Row 1 contains time value. Example: C1=9/27/2014 8:42:34 AM; D1=9/27/2014 9:12:25 AM & so on...till P1.

Output required: C2:C200 should become FORMULA FREE IMMEDIATELY & leave the value when system's time>=C1 Similarly, D2:200 should become FORMULA FREE & leave the value when system's time>=D1 & so on till column P i.e. P2:P200 should become FORMULA FREE & leave the value when system's time>=P1
The code would be pasted in a ws with tab named 'F24' of my Excel workbook. There are 2 more ws in the Excel workbook with tab named 'A4' & '7'. 'A4' contains code as Worksheet event code & '7' updates using real time feeds. Note: The new code in 'F24' should not affect working of either of 'A4' or '7'

I supposed you could use a Worksheet_Calculate event...   This triggers anytime a formula updates on a worksheet.  After all the calculations are done the event triggers and we could have check all the columns with formulas in them and compare the system time to the times listed in row1 and remove the formulas in any column with a time that has passed.

Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim cell As Range

On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False

For Each cell In Range("C2:P2").SpecialCells(xlFormulas)
    If Cells(1, cell.Row) <= Now Then
        With cell.Resize(199)
            .Value = .Value
        End With
    End If
Next cell

Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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