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Excel/updating balance by date


QUESTION: Date          memo          Payment      deposit     balance
10/2/2014     Open balance          50.00    
10/7/2014     Coffee          3.00          47.00    
10/22/2014    Income          100.00      47.00    

How can I make the Balance on My transaction register update the balance by the date.

ANSWER: Hi Jason,

Lets say you have the above data in a sheet where A1 to E1 contain the headings Date, Memo, Payment, Deposit, Balance respectively.

Lets say opening balance is stored in cell E2 and transactions start from row 3 onwards, enter the following formula in cell E3 =E2-C3+D3

Copy this formula throughout column E and you will have a running balance column available.

Hope this helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Gulshan, I have a running balance. I'm trying to find a way to make the balance column check the dates of the entries before adding them. So a2 shows 10/2/2014, and it calculated it. But a4 is 10/22/2014, that date is in the future.I don't want it to calculate that entry until the date is =today(). I hope that helps.

Hi Jason,

I'm really sorry for the delayed response. I'm actually travelling and have very limited connectivity.

Can you give me a buzz on my cell phone anytime during the coming weekend and we will try to resolve the issue right away.

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