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Sir, Please see the image alongside and help me to calculate the equation to find the value of D. Show me the calculation step wise.

I have expanded my answer to include more information:

I had an error in my original posting - perhaps a left a zero out of one of the numbers.  I have recalculated and these are the updated values.  

Q/A = 1480000/0.0314 = 47133757.9617834

0.85 x 140 x (77/15000)^0.54 = 6.90498394455213

so to get all that on the left side, divide both sides by 6.90498394455213

47133757.9617834/6.90498394455213 = 6826048.88588783

so now you have (d/4) raised to the 0.63 power alone on the right side of the equation.   
so take that root on each side

6826048.88588783^(1/.63) = 70451124157.0146

so now multiply both sides by 4  gives

d = 70451124157.0146 x 4
d = 281804496628.058

I assume you know how to manipulate an equality with algebra rules so I didn't explain each operation.  

but your formula boils down to

AA = BB  x (D/4)^0.63

where AA = Q/A
BB = 0.85 x 140 x (77/150000)^0.54   (^ is exponential operator)

So divide each sidd by BB

AA/BB = (D/4)^0.63

take the 0.63 root of each side.  You can do this by raising each side to the (1/0.63) power

(AA/BB)^(1/0.63) = D/4

Multily through by 4

4 x ((AA/BB)^(1/0.63) = D

AA = 47133757.9617834
BB = 6.90498394455213
AA/BB = 6826048.88588783
(AA/BB)^(1/0.63) = 70451124157.0146
4 x ((AA/BB)^(1/.0.63)) = 281804496628.058 = D

so the Excel formula

Tom Ogilvy  
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