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Hi Tom,

I hope you can help me with a puzzle?

I would like to be able to redirect the dependent links of a cell onto another cell.

Let me illustrate the point. Say I have two cells, G15 and G10. Both of these have a number of dependent cells using them as inputs. At this point I want the output of G15 and G10 to be the same (driven by G10) so I set G15 '=G10'. Is there a way of removing this duplication and pointing all the dependent relationships of G15 onto G10 (while not overwriting G10's dependent relationships).

I hope the question makes sense! Let me know if it needs clarifying.

Thank you very much,


If I understand correctly, you might have a formula in any cell that is

=G15*F22 and you want to change it to =G10*F22  and you want to do this type of change for all formulas that contain G15.  

If so then

select the range of cells where you want to make this type of change (you can include cells that have unrelated content - it will only affect the cells with formulas matching the condition).  

On the right side of the Home tab go to Find and select.  click the dropdown for the item and select Replace . . .

In the dialog, in the Find What box put   G15
in the Replace With box put  G10

now G15 could look like $G$15, $G15, G$15, G15.  If that is the case, you would need to do this action for each type that is in your range.  

This further assumes that if G15 is in the formula of a cell, you want to replace it with G10.  

In the Replace dialog, you can choose the options button.  You want to make sure that you have selected to Look in: Formulas as opposed to values.  Also "Match entire cell contents" is unchecked.  

I believe this is the technique you are looking for.

If you execute this command and things go wrong, you try undo or close your workbook without saving.  (so save your workbook before you start).

Tom Ogilvy  
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