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QUESTION: Pearson Software Consulting wrote: 6-October-2007  

To load or unload an Add-In using VBA code, use
       Application.AddIns("AddIn Displayed Name").Installed = True
VBA Tips: How to Use Your Excel Add-In Functions in VBA
further wrote

The first thing to do is give your Add-In a unique VBA Project Name.

I made an addin with filename t.xlam
VBA project name "ct"

I can see them in Add in dialog boxes.
I can make it work manually tick them but not through code.

I tried


a = Application.AddIns.Count
For i = 1 To a
Debug.Print AddIns(i).Name
If AddIns(i).Name = "t.xlam" Then Application.AddIns(i).Installed = True

All failed.

Can you advise what I must do please?


ANSWER: Hi Cheung,

Perhaps this article helps:

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your advice.

I read from your article the addin MUST be in the default library location. I can manually add it in, but programmatically I got err 75. I am investigating.


No, not necessarily. An add-in can be in ANY folder.

I use code like this to let an add-in install itself:

In a normal module:

Public Sub CheckInstall()
   Dim oAddIn As AddIn
   If Not IsInstalled Then
       If MsgBox("Do you wish to install '" & ThisWorkbook.Name & "' as an addin?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Install Add-in?") = vbYes Then
         'This adds the add-in to the list of add-ins:
         Set oAddIn = Application.AddIns.Add(ThisWorkbook.FullName, False)
         'This checks the add-in in that list (and hence "installs" it):
         oAddIn.Installed = True
       End If
   End If
End Sub

Public Function IsInstalled() As Boolean
   Dim oAddIn As AddIn
   If ThisWorkbook.IsAddin Then
       For Each oAddIn In Application.AddIns
         If LCase(oAddIn.FullName) = LCase(ThisWorkbook.FullName) Then
         If oAddIn.Installed Then
         IsInstalled = True
         Exit Function
         End If
         End If
       IsInstalled = True
   End If
End Function

In ThisWorkbook:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
ENd Sub
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