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Using Excel 2010, I have a table of 1,000+ records structured with the following data fields in columns:

Employee Name
Milestone Date 1
Milestone Date 2
Milestone Date 3
Milestone Date 4
Manager Name

For each of the four Milestone Dates, there is either a date value or blank.  A manager will have numerous employees, but an employee has only one manager.

I would like to create a pivot table that displays the percentage of employees with a Milestone Date shown as four columns in the pivot table for each manager.  If possible, I would also like to have the pivot table update the percentages based upon a selected Status for the employee population.

How would I construct such a pivot table?


Hi David,


1. Insert a blank pivot table based off the data
2. Drag Manager name to the row area
3. Drag employee name to the row area, below manager name
4. Drag the dates to the sigma values area in the order you like
5. Make sure the subtotals are in place (default)
6. Right-click each date column in the pivot and choose "Show Values As", "Percentage of Column Total"
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