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Excel/counting & summing of unique values from a set of values


how to count unique values from a set of values where duplicates also exists

and how to sum the count of Unique values of another column, upon a given condition

any examples are welcome

Thanking you

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You may not have a direct formula to sum or count only the unique records. But, you can achieve the same results by following the below steps:

1. Sort your range by the value which you want to total
2. Insert a formula at the end of your range to check if the current cell value is equal to the prior cell value. Eg. you could enter the formula in cell B2 as (=A2=A1). If the result of this formula is "True", then you've got a duplicate there, else it will show "False"
3. Now you can use the SUMIF or COUNTIF formulae in excel to add or count the unique values, only those where the comparison mentioned in step 2 gives "False"

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