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Hello, Tom,
please helps me in the following problem solution (VBA).
In the archives I have found a code of you which I cannot adapt, nevertheless (30th of December, 2010 - Summing columns within filtered list). I use Excel 2013.

I have a sheet with the following construction:
Sheet name: Data
Column A: IDNr
Column B: Item
Column C: Ertrag1
Column D: Ertrag2
Column E: Kosten1
Column F: Kosten2

IDNr and Item seem several times.
From the unique specimens of the columns A and B a new sheet (sheet Name: Kosten1) with all possible combinations of the columns A and B are formed. For every combination the sum from the matching column values (column E: Kosten1) are determined. Then the sheet construction looks thus:
Column A: IDNr (unique specimens from sheet Data column A, the first row A2)
Row 1: Item1 to Itemn (unique specimens from sheet Data column B, the second column B2 to Bn)

From the sheet Data the calculated sums of the single combinations should be copied in the sheet Kosten1 with formatting.
Under the column values I wish in each case the sum.

Thank you very much!

Sheet Daten     
IDNr    Item    Ertrag1    Ertrag2    Kosten1    Kosten2
12345   AA001   500        750        10         160
345678  CB798          15
78      CB798          20
78      AA001          30
9876    BC1          5
12345   BC1          30
345678  CB798          40
12345   AA001   300        250        20         30

Sheet Kosten1
IDNr    AA001      CB798      BC1
12345   30          30
345678          55
78      30         20
9876          5
Summe   60         75         35


I am not clear on what you expect the macro do to.  Are you asking it to create the combinations and then sum up the data or are the combinations already in the sheet and you just need the sums.  If you just need the sums and you have Excel 2007 or later, you can use the new Sumifs function which support summing for multiple criteria.  

If you want to send me a sample file with a clearer description of what you want (even in you question, your numbers are all jumbled and hard to see what is under what column. )

you can send it to

Tom Ogilvy

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