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Dear Richard,

In column A I have a list of codes: EG: FD, OI, PO, etc.
in column B I have 2000 peoples names
In column C I have their ages from say 25 to 75.

I am looking for a formula that will look in column A and where there is code, say FD, then the formula will count the number of people that are greater than age 60.




If you have 2013 excel you can use this formula
Of course you need to change it for each of your criteria.

In earlier versions the function countifs isn't available, so what I used to do is put a formula in another column that compared only two cells and then put a 1 in where both criteria were true, then I simply summed the column.
For example

The formula will produce a 1 if both conditions are met and a blank if they are not.  Then you just add up the ones.  You would need to use multiple columns to cover all of your criteria in both codes and ages.

Hope this helps


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