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I used the Data Validation "List" function and assign it to a field in a worksheet.  I want to create programming for each selection in the list so that when one is selected, several different fields are populated with associated data.  For example, if the list contains four different customers named Customer 1, Customer 2, etc., and I select Customer 2 then the Street Address for that Customer loads into one, different cell, the city, state, zip loads into yet another cell, the Customer Code Number loads into yet another.  Is this possible and how can it be done?  Thanks.

This means that you have a second sheet in your workbook where you have a table setup listing all you customer information, correct?

The way I do this very thing is to use the first column of the data sheet as the source of the Data Validation LIST.  This way we are sure the spelling will always be an exact match.

Then in the rest of the form fields, you will use a VLOOKUP formula to get the related data from the same data row as the name you selected in the first form field DV drop down.

VLOOKUP example, assuming the first field is cell A5, and this formula needs to pull back a value from column C of the data sheet:

=VLOOKUP($A$5, Data!$A:$Z, 3, 0)    

Notice way VLOOKUP works?  

First Paramater - $A$5 - the value to lookup in the data table

Second parameter - Data!$A:$Z - a table of the first 26 columns on the Data sheet, the FIRST column in this range of columns must be the column the first parameter has to match

Third parameter - 3 - the column in the table you want to bring back a value from, in this case the 3 means it will come from column 3, the third column in the range of columna A:Z.  If the range of columns we had noted was M:Z, then the third column would be column P.

Fourth parameter - 0 - this means the first two parameters must match exactly.  Read up in the F1 Help files on Vlookup, there are times you may use VLOOKUP to do a "fuzzy match" and still work, usually in regards to looking up tiered pricing or such in a table.
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