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Dear Sir,
I and my colleagues are working on an Excel Shared file, in order to be able to save the data we are inputting to this file at the same time. The file is working fine for some days but suddenly one (or more) of us get the following report (This file is locked. Try the command later), after that we will be obliged to save-as the file and change the name and be involved in unnecessary steps.
Would you please guide me to solve this instant problem.
With many thanks in advance

Hi Haytham,

This could be because more than 1 person will hit the save button simultaneously. If the file is too big, it might take a few seconds to save. If another user hits save, he might get this error.

One way to avoid is to not use "Save" too often. Saving once in 5 minutes should be a decent frequency.

You could also set up Auto Save in excel to safeguard your work.

Hope this helps,
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