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QUESTION: Hello, I have what is hopefully a 101 question...

I want to open Excel with 2 separate windows, and I used to be able to.  But now for some reason, when I open the other spreadsheet, the first one goes away and I am not able to see both at the same time.


ANSWER: Robin -

To answer this question, I will need to know the version of Windows you're running, and the version of Excel. The fix can vary depending on these two things.

Thanks - Andrea

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello,  I am running Windows 7 and MS Office 2010

Robin -

With 2010, you can either:
1. Open up 1 instance of Excel, open more than 1 file, and then use View > Arrange All to see all files on the screen at once; or
2. you can open an instance of Excel, then a file, then another instance of Excel, then the other file to open the files separately.

If what you were doing before did not work like either of these, or if the second one was happening automatically, you might have had something set up in Windows. I was able to find other people online with the same problem. You will need to ask an Expert in Computers, Operating Systems.

Sorry I couldn't be more help - Andrea
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