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Hi Andrea
I am working on tables that rank companies based on certain criteria and these rankings change each month. When I update the tables, I need to reference their previous ranking. So I have been trying to work out a formula that says 'IF the company name in cell J2 matches any found in column C2:20, then take the information from column A in that row; if no match is found then add a 0]
eg of table
Ranking   prev qrter   Adviser name   No. of Clients   
1   (1)   Company A    502   
2   (2)   Company B    306   
3   (3)   Company C    93   
4   (3)   Company D    92   
5   (5)   Company E   39

I have placed the new table alongside the previous one on the same spreadsheet and tried a combination of IF, VLOOKUP and MATCH but I am obviously not using the correct logic!
I would really appreciate your help, as doing it manually is bound to lead to errors.
Thank you.

Kerry -

Is there a reason you could not have the Company column be the first column, and have Ranking be the 2nd? It would change the answer to this problem to using just VLOOKUP() instead of a convoluted combination of IF(), MATCH(), and OFFSET().

Let me know - Andrea
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