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Excel/Counting unique words in a column with date criteria


QUESTION: Mr.Purswani,
First of all I would to thank you for giving me your valuable time. My question is:
Lets say I have an excel 2003 sheet where column A contains date, column B contains customer codes & column C contains the different models the customers have purchased on the dates mentioned in col A. In col D I want to display how many different types of models that specific customer has purchased in a specific date range the date range being given in two different cells.
Col. A       Col. B       Col. C
Date 1       Customer 1   Model 1
Date 2       Customer 2   Model 1
Date 3       Customer 1   Model 2
and so on.
Since there will be repeatation in customer code, I want to display only in the first place for any specific customer code.

Thanks for your answer.


Why not use a pivot table to analyse this data.

If you are using a excel 2007 or above, you will find many powerful features in pivot table.

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: I want to know if there is any other way apart from pivot table.

Thanks & regards
Raj Narayan Banerjee

Hi Raj,

Another way to handle this requirement is to use autofilters in excel. (Although my favorite is still pivot tables, as they make it easy to play with information)

You can setup autofilters at the heading rows and filter by date range. This combined with =Sumif or =counting should get you what you need.

Hope this helps

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