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I am working on an excel sheet that starts with a batch of information for multiple employees.  I am then creating a sheet for each employee to see what work they have done for the week.  I used an advanced filter to filter each employee into their own sheet.  I was wondering what I need to do for the information to update automatically if I changed the criteria or if I add a new batch of information.  If I could just be pointed in the right direction I could figure it out.  I was thinking macros but it seems like it would not be the best approach.  Please let me know.  
Thank you :)

Hi Ashley,

I would use one table that holds all data of the employees. It is this table that is kept up-to-date.
Then use one single worksheet, which has a dropdown from which to pick an employee (or an employee number).
That worksheet is properly formatted and where needed you use VLOOKUP formulas or a combination of a Match and multiple INDEX functions to pull the information from the source data table.

Suppose your dropdown cell is cell A1.
Also suppose the table is on a sheet called Data.

In B1 you could have: =MATCH(A1,Data!$A$2:$A$1000,0)
This gets you the position where the selected person is.

To get the information from column B you then use:

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