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I'm not sure whether or not you can answer my question, but I will welcome any helpful reply.

I am interested in making charts and graphs.  What subject major can one study in college that allows him to learn about charts and graphs?  Is it statistics?

I thank you for you reply.


I happen to teach basic concepts of statistics and we do a section on graphs - but it is only part of a chapter.  Basically more about how charts can misrepresent the facts so that we understand that and can be more discerning examining the obvious story being presented.  Algebra involves graphing equations.  So Math is probably the best place.  But . . .

If you get outside of Math or maybe even in Math, there might be a course on charts and graphs from a psychological/appearance perspective.  So it could be part of a presentations course. Or it might be in the ART department - a graphical artist is often called upon to do charts and graphs.  

I haven't been in school for many years so I am not up on the latest offerings.  My major was more math oriented.   

Outside of college then:

If you want to learn about using graphs in excel, Jon Peltier has a terrific site on that


Edward Tufte seems to be a widely respected author on the display of quantitative information:

so there are some ideas - hopefully they will help.  

Tom Ogilvy
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