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I need your assistance to identify a macro that will count non blank row from a particular row to the next blank row in the middle of the sheet. Sample below

      [Column A]
[Row 1] Not Needed
[Row 2] Not Needed
[Row 3] Blank Cell
[Row 4] Needed
[Row 5] Needed
[Row 6] Needed
[Row 7] Needed
[Row 8] Blank Cell
[Row 9] Not Needed
[Rw 10] Not Needed
[Row 7] Not Needed

In the example above I want to count starting A4 to the next blank cell, so it should return 4.

Thanks in advance

ANSWER: We would need logic that a macro or formula can detect.

What is it that makes rows 4-7 needed?
What is it that makes rows 1-2 and 9-11 not needed?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Starting row is fixed it always starts at A4, the macro shoul count non blank row from A4 in this case the next blank row is A8 thus the macro should only count a4 to a7

No macro needed, this can be done with an array formula:

=MIN(IF($A$4:$A$100="", ROW($A$4:$A$100), ""))-4

...confirm that formula in a cell by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER to activate the array.  You will know the array is active by the curly braces { } that will appear around your formula and your answer will appear.   If you just press ENTER you will get a #Value error.
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