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I have an excel sheet where in I write item numbers as soon as they are processed. I want to create a bar code for them as soon as I write item number in them so that I can print them and scan those bar code labels later when I need them to display something that is specific to each item number.
How can I create Bar code.Is there a need to instally any add ins or is it possible without them .Please give step by step process.
Thankyou in advance


Excel doesn't natively support bar codes; however, there are a variety of barcode system fonts that will work in Excel.

Basically, if you have a cell with a valid number in it... you can apply the format of that cell to a barcode font and it will display the barcode instead of the number.  In other words, instead of selecting "Times New Roman", "Ariel", or "System Font", you would select "Barcode".

Please try one of the following websites:


There are different types of barcodes out there so you may need a specialized font.
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