QUESTION: Here is full description of my problem. Kindly read it carefully and provide me suitable answers.

1. I have a userform where I added a Multipage control. That multipage control contains 10 pages.
2. Each page contain lots of labels which contains different strings. No controls (such as labels, text boxes are added during run time). It is set in design mode. Each page has two command buttons. One is for next and another for back.
3. for example page one has 5 labels. Each Label contains one question. In the design mode I am seeing it perfectly all right. IN the run time I am also seeing that all strings in labels are displaying perfectly (no text cut off or no part of strings hidden) in my computer. Based on each question if user presses next it will carry the user page number 2 where user will see another 5 question in 5 labels. If user presses 'next' it will carry to page 3 where another 5 labels are posted and so on.

4. All labels in each page are showing perfectly in my computer. But when I send it to one my friends, most of the questions (not all-2 or 3 questions) are not showing full (some text are cut off at the very end), some remains in hidden if question is 2 lines long.

Can you provide me the probable solution?

ANSWER: I guess all you can do is make the labels large enough so they display their text on all systems. One thing you can do is ask for the screen resolution of the person who does not see your labels properly and try setting your system to the same resolution so you can test.

Are all users using Windows?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes. All are using Windows.
Labels Autosize are set to true. I checked that every label's autosize in the userform is set to true.

I aksed my friend, he says he is running it under windows 7. the problem is specific to windows 7 according to his description.

I run it in windows xp and windows 8. In both it it working perfectly.

I will ask him regarding screen resolution.


Hunch: Maybe your friend has large fonts set up in windows appearance. That often does not work very well with forms.

What you might try is use the initialise event of the userform to:

- Turn autosize on and then off for each label control
- size each label wider by a certain percentage.
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