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Excel/calculate a school year group based on the child’s date of birth


I need to put in a formula that will tell me what year a child will commence year 7 from their date of birth.
For example a child will enter year 7 in 2015 if they were born between the beginning of July 2002 or end of June 2003.
Or they will enter year 7 in 2016 if they were born between the beginning of July 2003 to end of June 2004.
I need to have the formula for children born in 2001 until 2014.

Thank you so much.

I suspect there is a simpler method than the one I'm going to outline, but I don't know the ins and outs of the Australian school system (I'm sure that you could use a given date in the year to mathematically calculate the data you want). My suggestion uses vlookup, and requires a 2 column data table which would look like this

01/07/2001   2014
01/07/2002   2015
01/07/2003   2016
01/07/2004   2017
01/07/2005   2018
01/07/2006   2019
01/07/2007   2020
01/07/2008   2021
01/07/2009   2022
01/07/2010   2023
01/07/2011   2024
01/07/2012   2025
01/07/2013   2026
01/07/2014   2027
01/07/2015   2028

You can then use Vlookup as follows


where DOB is the cell containing the childs birth date, and DataTable is the reference to the data table (I gave my test example a name of DataTable just to make it easier for me!)

Hopefully this makes sense, but do let me know if you need more help.
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