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Dear Mr Purswani,

My name is Ryan and i'm a student who's a beginner in MS Excel. I've tried doing this workbook for me and my friends, but I think some of the formulae i've used is incorrect. I hope you can help.

My workbook:

(If you can't see the above link, use this:
and replace the # for a forward slash (/).)

My problem is, that when on 8/5/2014 I input data into a dropdown list on a worksheet, it sends data to another worksheet, under that date. This is to store data, so on the next day (9/5/2014), I can input different data from the first worksheet, and store different data under the date '9/5/2014' on the second worksheet.

However, I find that it's impossible to do this. When I input data and hence store the data on the second worksheet under 8/5/2014, it disappears when the day ends!
When 9/5/2014 arrives, the data from 8/5/2014 moves onto that day, instead of staying under 8/5/2014. So it becomes impossible to input data from then on.

How can I fix this, so i'm able to input data everyday?
Thank you.

Hi Ryan,

Basically what you are asking for is as follows:
You would enter certain data with today's date. This data should get stored in the next sheet. On the next day, you will enter fresh data which should be stored in a new line on the next sheet and so on.

The easiest solution I can think of is to use Excel form. This doesn't need any special knowledge.

Just go to the data sheet, select the relevant columns and click on Data - Forms menu. A pop might come, say ok so excel can identify the headings automatically. Now, excel will show a form with your column headings displayed as form fields which is easy to enter.

If this doesn't help, then we might need to resort to macros to meet your exact requirements.

Hope this helps,
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