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>>>What I would like is if the check box beside name IS checked, the related column on the “Gangs Work” sheet would be UnHidden and IF the check box is NOT checked the related column on the “Gangs Work” sheet would be Hidden.<<<

Im sorry I was a bit premature when I said it was all working perfectly.  Upon further testing, it seems that it works as expected upto and including checkbox no 29, if I check ANY box after the 29th box,  it hides the 29th relative column.

Is there a limit of 29?

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

ANSWER: Hi Keith,

The code has three prerequisites:

1. The checkboxes top-left corner must be inside the cell to the immediate right of the cell with the name
2. The cell with the name must have a hyperlink to the cell in the column that is to be hidden.
3. Each checkbox must have a unique name (check by right-clicking a checkbox to select it, look in the name box to the left of the formula bar). If you have Excel 2007 or up, click the binoculars on the home tab (far right) and select "Selection pane".

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QUESTION: Good Afternoon Jan,

Again, thank you for your assistance with this.

The link holds the actual sheets that I am trying to build.

I have checked the three prerequisites and I believe all is ok.

This is strange, each hyperlink goes to & fro the 2 sheets as expected.

I have put a "breakpoint" (I think thats right)in the code then gone and unchecked the check box AZ (row 49) on Crew Names sheet, looking back at the code I notice the variables are:

1CT = 47      AZ is the 47th box

bCheck = False

oCell = AZ

but column AH on the Crew Share sheet is about to be hidden.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Keith,

Sorry for the belated reply!!

Somehow, some of the cells contain more than one hyperlink (I didn't even know you could do that!). The second hyperlink appears to point to the right location.

Solution would be to remove all hyperlinks and recreate them.
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