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Excel/Check Boxes to Hide Columns


Good Afternoon Jan I hope you are well.

This is a 2 part question really.

What I am trying to do is, I have a workbook with 2 sheets, “Details” and “Gangs Works”.

In sheet “Details” I have people’s names, these are hyperlinks to the respective name on “Gangs Work” sheet and vice-versa.

I have at the moment, placed CheckBoxes beside the Names in the Details sheet.

Part 1
What I would like is if the check box beside name IS checked, the related column on the “Gangs Work” sheet would be UnHidden and IF the check box is NOT checked the related column on the “Gangs Work” sheet would be Hidden.

Part 2
This is only a very small file for this demo.

Is there an easy / quick way to create and code (at the moment) around 80 check boxes.

You may have a better solution to achive the same..

Here is a link to a demo file…

Kind Regards

Hi Keith,

Add this code to a normal module and assign each checkbox to it:

Sub CheckBox_Click()
   Dim sName As String
   Dim oCell As Range
   Dim bCheck As Boolean
   Dim lCT As Long
   For lCT = 1 To Worksheets("Details").CheckBoxes.Count
       If Worksheets("Details").CheckBoxes(lCT).Name = Application.Caller Then
         bCheck = Worksheets("Details").CheckBoxes(lCT).Value = 1
         Set oCell = Worksheets("Details").CheckBoxes(lCT).TopLeftCell.Offset(, -1)
         ActiveCell.EntireColumn.Hidden = Not bCheck
         Application.Goto oCell
       End If

End Sub

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