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Hi. Could you please assist with coding to retrieve the following records by using VBA code? I can achieve this by using MAX excel function but would prefer using VBA code.

The (Service History) keeps a record of the service history of about 800 vehicles. What I would like to achieve is to retrieve the last service date of ALL vehicles in the database and put it in a new worksheet.

Example: (extraction)

Worksheet: (Service History)
Week Year    Date       Registration    Kilometres    Service Done

48 2013    20 Nov 2013    AB 123456    78 945          A

49 2013    27 Nov 2013    BC 789123    23 654          B

03 2014    21 Jan 2014    AB 123456    88 000          B

06 2014    13 Feb 2014    BC 789123    34 567          C

20 2014    25 May 2014    AB 123456    100 000          C

22 2014    6 June 2014    BC 789123    49 000          A

This is what I would like to have in the :-

New Worksheet (Service Summation)

Week Year    Date       Registration    Kilometres    Service Done

20 2014    25 May 2014    AB 123456    100 000          C

22 2014    6 June 2014    BC 789123    49 000          A

I can achieve this by using this code in an excel cell which is far too slow. Is there any chance I can adapt it to VBA formula function?

=IFERROR(INDEX(ServiceHistoryRange,MATCH(MAX(IF(ISERROR(SEARCH($A2,ServiceHistoryRegistration)),"",ServiceHistoryDate)),IF(ISERROR(SEARCH($A2,ServiceHistoryRegistration)),"",ServiceHistoryDate),0),COLUMN('Service History'!$B$1)),"")



send a sample file to  

(You don't need to have service records for 800 vehicles in it - only enough so I can test the code and understand what you are doing - but make sure the named ranges are in the file).

since you are using defined names/named ranges in your formula, I have no way of knowing what those refer to.

If I can see your file with the named ranged defined, then I will have a better idea of what you are asking.  

Also, do you want the whole row copied to another sheet?  If not, what do you want copied.  
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