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Stuart, I do not know how to get to the last response you gave me.  I cannot find your answer in this blog.

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What do you mean by "the last 20 received"? Does it mean "the 20 right-most non-blank cells in the range AA11:TF11"?

I need the 20 left most non blank cells.

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QUESTION: I do not understand offsets, arrays, etc. and need help with you being able to write the formula that applies to my situation.  I am thanking you greatly in advance because I am stuck.
I have golf scores in AA11:AA500 with some cells not having data.
78,78,  ,80,77,  ,  ,  ,78, etc.
I am trying to pull the last 20 non zero values starting from AA11 and put them in cells C11,C12, etc.  
I am then needing to take the lowest 10 of those 20 and getting an average.  
If you can get me the last twenty scores I can probably inefficiently get the average of the lowest 20.  
If you can aacomplish the average in a single formula, that would be appreciated also.  
Thanks again.
Harold Buchanan

ANSWER: In cell A10, enter:


In A11:


as an array. I.e., after typing the formula, instead of hitting Enter key, hit Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

In B11:


Copy A11:B11 down through A11:B30.

In C11:


In D11:


Copy C11:D11 down through C11:D20.

In D10:


Col A is techie. Col B is the last 20 non-zero scores in the range AA11:AA500.
Col C is techie. D11:D20 are the lowest 10 scores from col B. D10 is the average of these 10.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Stuart, I apologize.  I messed up on the data given and have wasted your time.  All of the information is on the same row.

   E11         AA11  AB11  AC11  AD11  AE11  AF11 AG11  AH11  to TF11
Stuart Resnick   77          75   74          77          etc.

Z11 will be the average of the lowest 10 scores of the last 20 retrieved.
Every day we play, I have to do a vlookup in AA11 to post the scores for that day.  I then have to insert a column behind column AA and copy and paste values for those scores.  I am writing a macro to do this.  Every time we play we clear all the data on another page and start over.  This is the only way I know how to save current data. It is probably not efficient, but I think it will work.  

As you can see, I am a neophyte when it comes to Excel, but I truly appreciate the power of it.

If you live or visit in the Dallas Metroplex, come join us sometime and play a round with us.  I would gladly treat you to a round of golf!

Thanks again for your help.

Harold Buchanan

Following is the reason:

What do you mean by "the last 20 received"? Does it mean "the 20 right-most non-blank cells in the range AA11:TF11"?

Expert: Stuart Resnick

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Assume the scores are in AA11:TF11. First, enter into AA12:13 the following formulas:


Then copy AA12:AA13 to the right, through AA12:TF13.

Row 12 now shows the left-most non-blank scores only. For blank cells in row 11, or for cells in row 11 beyond the left-most twenty scores, this row will show 9999.

Row 13 now shows the numbers 1 through 10 to identify the lowest ten scores among those left-most twenty scores. For scores not among those lowest ten, this row will show zero.

The formula


will now return the result you're looking for.
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