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I need to make a excel plan with some combinations.
I have used a códe created by Tom Ogilvy but he is on vacation and i have some hurry to solve it.

see if you can help me.

I need to make all the possibles combinations with numbers from 1 to 10 with 6 combinations.

i have this code and its work very nice but i need that they repeat, like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 1 1 1 1 6
1 2 2 3 4 4

all the possibles combinations, i'm not good in english but i'm trying to do the best explanation i can.

The Code:

Option Explicit

'C(n, p) = n! / ((n-p)! * p!)
'lPermutações a ser definido, seria o 'p' da fórmula acima
Const lPermutações As Long = 3

Dim r As Long

Dim v(1 To 5)

Sub Teste()
   Dim lElementos As Long
   'Popula vetor de elementos
   v(1) = "a"
   v(2) = "b"
   v(3) = "c"
   v(4) = "d"
   v(5) = "e"
   'C(n, p) = n! / ((n-p)! * p!)
   'lElementos seria o 'n' da fórmula acima
   lElementos = UBound(v) - LBound(v) + 1
   'Contador de linhas para uso no Excel:
   r = 0
   'Limpa Planilha ativa
   'Inicia recursão:
   Combinação lElementos, lPermutações, 1
End Sub

Sub Combinação(n As Long, p As Long, k As Long, Optional s As String)
   If p > n - k + 1 Then Exit Sub
   If p = 0 Then
       'Para visualizar o resultado de uma combinação no Excel:
       r = r + 1
       Cells(r, "A").Resize(1, lPermutações) = Split(s, "|")
       'Se quiser visualizar o resultado na Janela de Verificação imediata, use:
       Debug.Print s
       Exit Sub
   End If
   'Recorre novamente:
   Combinação n, p - 1, k + 1, s & v(k) & "|"
   'Recorre novamente a partir do elemento anterior:
   Combinação n, p, k + 1, s
End Sub

ANSWER: If I've understood the question, every number could be in any location, so it would go from 111111 to 101010101010 as the possible choices - if so, there are one million combinations - these can be generated with this code

Sub aidancode()
Dim a, b, c, d, e, f As Long
Dim outvar As Long
outvar = 2
For a = 1 To 10
   For b = 1 To 10
       For c = 1 To 10
         For d = 1 To 10
         For e = 1 To 10
         For f = 1 To 10
         Cells(outvar, 1).Value = a
         Cells(outvar, 2).Value = b
         Cells(outvar, 3).Value = c
         Cells(outvar, 4).Value = d
         Cells(outvar, 5).Value = e
         Cells(outvar, 6).Value = f
         outvar = outvar + 1
End Sub

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanck you very much, it work!!!

But i have just more one question, i saw that in the macro you put "1 To 10" but how can i change this values for exemple:11.57, 11.78, 11.84, etc.

Not from X value to Y value, but 10 values that i want to put in the table.

I can chance in the macro "1 To 10" for "1 or 2 or 3... etc??"

If you want any 10 consecutive numbers you can simply amend the loop.  If as is more likely the numbers are not consecutive then this modified version would work for you.

Sub aidancode()
Dim a, b, c, d, e, f As Long
Dim outvar As Long
Dim Choices(10)
Choices(1) = 1
Choices(2) = 2
Choices(3) = 3
Choices(4) = 4
Choices(5) = 5
Choices(6) = 6
Choices(7) = 7
Choices(8) = 8
Choices(9) = 9
Choices(10) = 10
'change the above lines to have whatever 10 choices you want
outvar = 2

For a = 1 To 10
  For b = 1 To 10
      For c = 1 To 10
        For d = 1 To 10
         For e = 1 To 10
         For f = 1 To 10
         Cells(outvar, 1).Value = Choices(a)
         Cells(outvar, 2).Value = Choices(b)
         Cells(outvar, 3).Value = Choices(c)
         Cells(outvar, 4).Value = Choices(d)
         Cells(outvar, 5).Value = Choices(e)
         Cells(outvar, 6).Value = Choices(f)
         outvar = outvar + 1
End Sub

Just change the ten choices(x) lines to have the values you want to return.  Sorry for the slight delay in replying - I'm in the UK and was asleep when you asked the question!
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