I have to take individual waterfalls because they are separated by customers.  Each month of course I get the new numbers in my waterfall.  I have to take the current numbers and manually place them in 2 other spreadsheets.  The one spreadsheet I need to separate by month and the 2nd one by quarters.  is there a way that I can take my waterfall(which of course does not have headings and does not come in any organized fashion) and pull out my numbers monthly to populate 2 other spreadsheets.  The other catch is my waterfall has the number that I need by month and a percentage number which I do not need at all.  
I will try to put an example below:
   Jan       Feb          Mar

Mar 2000 5%   4000  10%  20000   60%
Apr 1000 3%   3500  7%   10000    40%

each month I would need the new numbers.  In this example if I were doing March numbers I would need 20,000  and 4,000 and  2,000
and then when I do my April numbers I would need 10,000   3500 and 1000.  
I will need to do probably 3 years at a time until my numbers get to Zero.  

I hope I explained this so that you understand my question and that there is a simple solution.


If by waterfalls you mean waterfall charts, there is no such builtin format, so you already need to do some manipulation to make a waterfall chart and I don't know the way you have your data laid out. I think I can help a lot better if you can send a sample including source data (you can change the numbers if need be). Please send a sample file to me at bobumlas@hotmail.com and repeat the question. Use subject of "AllExpertsQ"

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