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I am working on a project where I wanted to identify the fuel economy of a specific vehicle and then list all the vehicles that meet a minimum miles per gallon (MPG) rating in a table on tab "Filtered List". A2 contains the criteria.
For each vehicle that qualifies, I want to list out the basic information about the model and its mileage.

All car data is stored on the worksheet Car Data (Namibia), and Car Data (Zambia),  with the filtered table  " Filtered list" tab

The formula I have put extracts from Car Data (Namibia), I would like to extend it to also include Car Data (Zambia). Will it be possible to amend the formulae on tab "Filtered List" to search both tables. I have used array formula below:

{=IFERROR(INDEX('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:B$1156,SMALL(IF('Car Data (Namibia)'!$H$2:$H$1156>='Filtered List'!$A$2,ROW('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:B$1156)-ROW('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2)+1),ROWS('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:'Car Data (Namibia)'!B2))),"")}

Thank you looking forward to a favorable reply.


basically you can do
=if(row()<=countif('Car Data (Namibia)'!$H$2:$H$1156,">="&'Filtered List'!$A$2),Namibia Formula, Zambia formula)

You would have to adjust the "row()" to return a number that can be compared to the countif.  Since I don't know where your formula will start, then I can't really provide the exact formula.

That is the basic approach.  A second problem is to adjust the second argument to SMALL in the Zambia formula so it discounts the number of rows returned from the Namibia sheet.

ROWS('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:'Car Data (Namibia)'!B2

for the Zambia formula rather than using

ROWS('Car Data (Zambia)'!B$2:'Car Data (Zambia)'!B2

You separately sent me your file - so here is the formula that worked for me (placed in A5 of the Filter List sheet.

=IF((ROW()-4)<=COUNTIF('Car Data (Namibia)'!$H$2:$H$1156,">="&'Filtered List'!$A$2),INDEX('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:B$1156,SMALL(IF('Car Data (Namibia)'!$H$2:$H$1156>='Filtered List'!$A$2,ROW('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:B$1156)-ROW('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2)+1),ROWS('Car Data (Namibia)'!B$2:'Car Data (Namibia)'!B2))),IFERROR(INDEX('Car Data (Zambia)'!B$2:B$1156,SMALL(IF('Car Data (Zambia)'!$H$2:$H$1156>='Filtered List'!$A$2,ROW('Car Data (Zambia)'!B$2:B$1156)-ROW('Car Data (Zambia)'!B$2)+1),ROW()-4-COUNTIF('Car Data (Namibia)'!$H$2:$H$1156,">="&'Filtered List'!$A$2))),""))

Array formula entered with Ctrl+Shift+enter since this is an array formula

drag across and fill down

Worked for me.

Tom Ogilvy  
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